That’s supposed to be a pun about mobile marketing. Give me a break, it’s a busy day!

I confess to being late to the party on using cell phones as part of the non-profit marketing mix. There’s certainly reason for skepticism: it’s a long long way from being a fundraising medium, multiple carriers and the competing alphabet soup of cell technologies mean that nothing works for everyone. And unlike the web, which was largely colonized by baby boomers, cell phone gizmo early adopters still have homework, zits and are too young to drive.

That said, it’s time to pay attention. This article is a reasonably nifty place to start.

The article reviews a recent trade show from the following refreshing perspective:

I visited the show not as a mobile enthusiast, but as a marketer, trying to understand exactly how all of this innovation could help us grow our brands and reach our marketing goals.

What are you doing with mobile phones worth crowing about?