They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But a well-chosen photo might also be worth a thousand dollars.

Yes indeed — the right photo can make or break a fundraising appeal or action alert. But too often we spend hours crafting our written messages and only seconds choosing the photos that will accompany those messages.

That’s why Sea Change and the smart folks at Resource Media are teaming up to explore the art and science of visual communications and the impact visuals have on our campaigns and initiatives.

We plan to share our learnings at the 2014 NTC conference — if we get accepted. That’s where you come in. Vote for our session and you’ll get to hear all about the art and science of visual communications. We’ll share insights from cognitive research, corporate marketing, and our own campaigns. Plus, we’ll provide testing tips so you can identify the images that will move YOUR supporters to give, act and share.

Voting ends on July 31. We promise it’ll be a good show and well-worth your time. Vote now.