Every time you sit down to write, you have a chance to make an impression.

Your emails to donors, your thank you notes, your receipts… they can all stand out. But only if they don’t sound like the same old same old.

Is your copy up to snuff? Are you reflecting your unique brand personality every time you write?

Here’s some inspiration for you. Last week, I made my first purchase of Lloyd & Lucy’s dog supplements. The email receipt I received could have felt cold and impersonal (like most receipts), but instead, this is what I got in my inbox:

Hey Alia:

Lloyd here (of Lloyd and Lucy fame) just wanting to “howlla” at you to say thanks for your purchase of Lloyd & Lucy’s Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs. This is the first of a few emails you will receive from me to ensure proper delivery and satisfaction of the awesome sauce this is heading your way.

Lucy and I value your complete satisfaction and strive to offer your pup the most YUMMYLICIOUS Hip & Joint Supplement this side of doggy heaven. So, be on the lookout for your order of Hip & Joint because it should be arriving soon.

While you wait for your order to arrive, sit back, relax, and think big thoughts because you’re on a roll.

By ordering Hip & Joint, you’ve proved that you have what it takes to solve some of the world’s problems. So get out there, win a Nobel Prize, write a bestseller, and maybe, consider brokering a deal for world peace!

Alia, thanks again for your purchase!

Your New Furry Friend,


What could have been an average interaction stood out. This copy was on brand and different enough to get my attention in a crowded inbox.

Next time you sit down to write something, challenge yourself. How can you make your copy stand out, while also still being true to who your organization is?