We are living through unprecedented times! It’s never been more important to get a pulse on how your donors are feeling and how your organization can be most helpful/valuable for them.

In fact, getting a pulse on your audience is so important, Mark and I are walking the talk. Watch out for a short survey that we’ll be sending to our e-subscribers soon.

But what should you ask? Here are some ideas:

(1) Have you personally been affected by the pandemic?

  • My job/livelihood has been impacted
  • My health has been impacted
  • The health of a loved one has been impacted
  • My children are staying home from school.
  • I’m self-isolating either by myself or with my family.
  • Other

(2) How optimistic are you about your and your family’s ability to weather the pandemic?

  • Very optimistic
  • Optimistic
  • Neither optimistic nor pessimistic
  • Pessimistic
  • Very pessimistic

(3) In light of the COVID-19 crisis, how important would you rank Organization X’s efforts to XYZ?

  • Very important
  • Important
  • Somewhat important
  • Not important

(4) What engagement efforts would most interest you right now?

  • “Only Good News” updates (I’m tired of doom and gloom right now)
  • Digital gatherings with experts from Organization X discussing XYZ.
  • Media roundup showcasing Organization X’s influence and impact.
  • Human interest stories showcasing Organization X’s efforts.
  • Tools to fundraise on Organization X’s behalf from home.
  • Activities to keep children or grandchildren engaged like lesson plans and video

(5) Are you more or less likely to support our work with a donation in light of our COVID-19 response efforts?

More likely
Less likely
Not sure

(6) Can you say a bit about why you answered that way?

(7) What else should we know?


Connecting with donors by asking them how they think and feel is always a good idea. But now — more than ever — it’s  mission critical.