One of my pet peeves as a donor is receiving thank you emails from organizations to which I did not donate.

So I was annoyed by the email below on two levels: One, I did not support the organization, and two, they messed up a lovely letter with an ask.

One, don’t thank people who didn’t give. If you need an extra day to segment out those who did, take it.

Two, don’t ask for money in a thank you email. This one is especially bad, because it screams ‘to whom it may concern.’ First i am thanked and then comes “Didn’t get a chance to give yesterday?”

Lose – lose.

Subject: you are awesome mark

Wow! Because of you, we raised $50,000 to purchase swift water rescue equipment. This means that when the next hurricane strikes, our team will be ready to respond in a moment’s notice to make sure that animals survive the storm and stay with their families.

Thank you for helping XXX save precious animals and return hope to families faced with disaster.

Didn’t get a chance to give yesterday? You can still give today.