What happens when you invest in taking an expert in fundraising to visit your programs in the field?

  • New stories are unsurfaced that connect donors more deeply to your work.
  • Program staff get re-energized by seeing their work through a new lens.
  • Organizations are able to report on impact through stories, not just numbers and statistics.
  • Deeper relationships are built between the organization and the beneficiaries.
  • Program staff see the kinds of stories fundraisers rely upon and learn how to identify them.
  • The hard work program staff do in the field gets elevated.

I’m about to head to Haiti with Population Services International. Each year, they invest in sending a team of fundraisers into the field to accomplish all of the above and more. The return on their investment is exponential as seen in individual fundraising performance, relationships with field team and relationships with institutional donors.

As you prep your next budget, consider what value a fundraiser in the field could bring to you.