Why do some ideas or causes take off like wildfire while others stay perpetually on slow burn?

The smart folks over at Capulet Communications have just released a “tell-all” e-book that breaks down their fiery movement marketing philosophy into a fun-to-read and easy-to-digest guide.

  • Find out how to ignite your audiences with a healthy mix of remarkable campaigns (at Sea Change we call them wow campaigns).
  • Explore how to stoke your audiences’ eternal fire with heart beat campaigns.
  • Learn the secrets behind why some non profit fires burn bright on Facebook while others languish.
  • Get inspiration on unique ways to stand out from the crowd.

I can personally attest to the Capulet special sauce. Co-Founders Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo have volunteered their expertise to help launch a passion project I co-founded called Lifeboat – a movement of people rediscovering deep friendships.

With the release of this e-book, they have generously shared their knowledge and know-how with the world. I urge you to take advantage of it.