There’s a lot at stake in your professional world. 

Your livelihood. Your purpose. Your mastery. Your impact. Your legacy. 

Because so much is at stake, work can often feel like a tight rope act: We’re balancing high up in the clouds with nothing to catch us if we fall. 

That sense of danger; that sense of fear has a direct impact on our central nervous system and how we react to the challenges around us. 

If there’s nothing to catch us, we cling to the safety of the tight rope. 

If there’s nothing to catch us, our heart rate accelerates if we sense any teetering at all. 

If there’s nothing to catch us, there is no upside to risk-taking. 

If there’s nothing to catch us, [insert your personalized worry here]… 

But what if there is an invisible safety net that you can’t see until you let go? 

As you read this, I invite you to imagine stepping off the tight rope. What happens as you fall?

– What people are there to catch you?

– What skills have you honed that will bolster you? 

– What resources do you have that you can rely on? 

– What openings might arise in that space of falling? 

– How does letting go feel in your body? 

Of course, you have responsibilities grounded in your own particular reality. But what consequences might you be imagining that could be hindering your next big leap?