Last Friday I got an email from a non profit declaring war on an opponent in a major campaign they are fighting. It was urgent. It was heavy-hitting. And it was right on. I took action and I gave a donation.

Today I got an email solicitation from that same organization asking me to get a Bank of America credit card that will support the non profits mission.

Getting a credit card ask two days after they declared war against an opponent? I’d say that’s a huge disconnect in the narrative.

Some might argue that amidst all the noise out there (email, social, web, offline) that there’s no point in trying to maintain a coherent narrative with our audiences. You could argue that no one cares about the disconnect or even notices.

But I believe that we can’t give ourselves a pass on integrated discipline. The people who notice matter. The narratives we are crafting matter. When we all row together, we go faster. Period.