I have a shy rescue dog named Blue Jean.

Blue Jean isn’t mean or aggressive. But she gets nervous and fearful when strangers approach us. In a nutshell, Blue Jean just needs her space.

The problem is Blue Jean is really cute. So lots of people try to approach us. Enter in the Yellow Dog Project.

The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement for owners of dogs like Blue Jean that need space. It aims to help dog owners identify that their dogs need space — by using cute and recognizable yellow flags on dog leashes. This in turn, helps the general public know when a dog needs to be left alone.

It’s a brilliant campaign because:

  • It’s audience is extremely targeted and well-defined — owners of dogs who need space.
  • It solves a big problem for its target audience – I want others to give Blue Jean space so I can feel more confident taking her out into public places.
  • It is highly spreadable — It’s in my best interest to spread this meme so people know that yellow tags mean a dog needs her space.

More organizations and causes should take the Yellow Dog Project’s lead (pun intended) and understand the needs of their target audiences so they can craft campaigns and initiatives that will truly solve a problem or fill a niche.

When was the last time you talked to your audiences to find out what they need and want?