Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.20.03 PMWhat happens when you get 50 or so radical change makers in a room to plan Web of Change 2015 — a gathering of the leading thinkers and doers working at the intersection of technology and social change?

This. “We make the beloved community by being the beloved community.”

This quote — inspired  by MLK and non violence movements – was shared by Web of Change chair Sabrina Hersi Issa during her introduction, by way of Emily Jacobi. The photo is compliments of Eugene Chan and the artwork is the creative working of Rachel Weidinger.

This collaboration is indicative of the Web of Change Community. We are making the world we seek to live in by creating a community that reflects that world.

That community is compassionate. We are open. We are collaborative. We are curious. We are loving. We are disciplined. We are courageous. We are passionate. We are measured.

Yes – we have faults. But to create enlightened society, you must aspire to enlightenment.

Not an easy task. But one all change makers should be willing to champion. One all change makers should be willing to work towards.