Direct marketers tend to love tests and numbers. Executive Directors tend to love big pictures and anecdotes.

Combine them — and it’s like two world’s colliding.  Simply put, direct marketers are from Mars. and executive directors are from Venus.

A tip: Direct marketers, learn to speak Venusian. Here’s how:

(1) What’s your theme for the year? Focus in on a broad theme that your ED can get behind. Structure your project roadmap around this theme.

  • Infrastructure?
  • Retention?
  • Rebuilding?

(2) What are your big goals each quarter? How do they reinforce your annual theme?

(3) What are your three key metrics of success and how are you tracking towards them?

(4) What are three examples of your success in story-form?

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Don’t expect your ED to read through your reports or get excited about a test. Be a good direct marketer and know your audience. It will do you a universe of good.