If there’s anyone who should be giving advice to fundraisers about what to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s fundraising pioneer Roger Craver.
Roger invented modern fundraising and has led organizations and movements through turbulent times — terrorist attacks, recessions, and Reagan Administrations to name just a few.  He’s a big deal with an even bigger heart. And he was generous enough to volunteer his time to chat with members of the mid-level list serv (email Mark or me if you want on) about fundraising in crisis situations.
Here’s the link to a dropbox folder with the audio, video and chat transcript.
Roger’s gives advice on:
  • How different types of organizations (direct service, tangentially related and not related) should be communicating with donors
  • How to champion fundraising and communications with your board or executive leadership during this tenuous time.
  • Tips for engaging with mid-level donors during this crisis including specific tactics to deploy ASAP.

And that’s not all…

Check out the full webinar.

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