[Reader note: If you have experienced unprocessed acute trauma, you may want to skip this one].

Punchline first: I am healing well and all signs point to a full emotional and physical recovery.

And I feel called to share my story in hopes it can be a benefit to others.

One month ago tomorrow, I was violently attacked while sitting in my neighborhood park. It was a terrifying experience and I am truly fortunate to have survived. Many causes and conditions including my own survival instincts helped me get through the attack.

In the aftermath, amidst hospitals and doctors appointments and therapy sessions, I realized that this near death experience gave me a gift: I realized that there is absolutely nothing I want to change in my life. Wow!

We spend much of our life on auto pilot. We have a sense that we are doing good work and leading fulfilling lives. But sometimes we go too long without an oil change and find out — in an emergency moment — that we are in desperate need of a new engine.

I’ve spent the last six years in coaching (both as coachee and coach) and incorporating skills learned though the Hakomi method personally and professionally. And I credit these activities for helping me to gain immense clarity on the life I want to live and how I want to live it. Investing in myself then paid off now.

When I talk to people about coaching, they are often hesitant to invest in themselves in that way. It’s considered a luxury — something not in the budget or an activity for when things go wrong. Before I invested in personal and professional development, I used to think that way too.

But tomorrow is not a given. You deserve to get to know yourself even better now.

We offer coaching at Sea Change. And there are many other incredible coaches who can help you study yourself and your experience with curiosity and care. You are worth it