We just officially launched our latest midlevel donor study The Missing Middle Part Four.

Our team along with the folks at Edge Research surveyed nearly 6,000 midlevel donors from 36 organizations.

In this report, you get to hear directly from the donors themselves as they share what motivates them to give, what keeps them engaged and what might encourage them to increase their support.

Download the report here.

The cover page

Some key findings:

  • At a time of tumult and uncertainty in fundraising, midlevel donors appear to be foundationally strong.
  • Midlevel donors remain attached to old ideas about non-program spending (with a notable generational exception).

Using segmentation analysis, we identified important behavioral and attitudinal differences within the midlevel donor universe that divide them into three distinct cohorts. In this report, we explore the makeup of these three groups and why profiling donors matters.

We are also grateful to the Chronicle of Philanthropy for covering the study. You can see their writeup here.

We offer this study as the opening of a conversation with, and among, the philanthropy community on how best to foster a richer and more satisfying giving relationship between organizations and their supporters.

Thank you for your partnership!


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