Many organizations view their midlevel programs as a stepping stone to major giving. 

Next month, we are releasing our latest study, a survey of nearly 6,000 midlevel donors from 36 organizations, and this research suggests fundraisers should be cautious in their projections of how many midlevel donors are likely to cross the major giving threshold. 

Only 13% of the sample say they have ever made a gift of $10,000 or more. And, only 10% of these donors say they intend to increase their donation in the coming year. 

Of course, this shouldn’t de-value your midlevel program. Midlevel donors are loyal and generous. As Mark wrote last week, the study shows 89% of midlevel donors are likely to renew their midlevel support. 

Some ideas to consider:

  1. How can you make your midlevel program a destination for the majority of midlevel donors who will likely stay there? What engagements and opportunities can you provide to make your midlevel program a home?
  2. How can you find more value from midlevel donors beyond major giving? For instance, the study finds 1 in 3 midlevel donors have made a bequest gift and an additional 23% are considering making one. How can you effectively incorporate planned giving requests into your program? 
  3. How can you most accurately target midlevel donors most likely to upgrade to major giving? Of course, wealth screening is important. But our study also uncovered three groups of midlevel donors who are distinct from one another in their attitudes and behaviors with one of these groups most likely to say they will increase their giving. 

We’ll be sharing much more about the midlevel donor profiles when we launch the report next month. So stay posted!


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